Premium automation equipment for the agriculture industry

Built by the grower for the grower

dedicated to batch preparation

Batch preparation of nutrients is the only way to deliver a consistent formula to all your plants, it is difficult to track the consistency of nutrients that each plant receives using any other method. It’s a time consuming, tedious task that is also the most dependable method of preparing accurately blended and pH balanced formulas for the agriculture industry.

For the highest quality

The ever-evolving and competitive agriculture industry demands the highest quality products. Growers require a high level of performance from their resources to achieve perfection in their craft. A powerful tool that simplifies garden procedures, becoming an extension of the grower’s arms, allows them to focus more time and energy on their plants.

Streamlined with automation

The Craft 150 automates the batch preparation process. Our precision nutrient formulator manages your entire fertigation delivery system, while tracking data to allow for painless adjustments. The inefficient technique of mixing formulas is now streamlined. Allowing you to maintain the high standard of batch formulas without the necessary work.